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Who doesn’t know the amazing Austrian Alps? Near Traunsee, there is the Traunstein mountain, which is very popular among alpinists. The lake is located directly at Gmunden – a small town in Upper Austria. Wooden ladders along the rock walls, chains, and extremely steep climb. In a nutshell, the Traunstein hike is the right adventure for everyone who loves hiking. But climbing up is not easy! See for yourself – Crazy Hiking in Traunstein – Austria Alps.


View of Traunsee mountain and huge lake in Austria during sunset
Late Sunset Traunsee view from the Traunstein Mountain

Knight On Trip hiking in Traunstein and background view of stunning landscape
Traunstein Mountain Hike

Landscape photography of mountain top during hike in Traunstein
Sunrays & Rock Formation at Traunstein Mountain

Landscape View from Traunstein mountain during sunset
Sunset & Snowy Traunstein

Hike to the top of Traunstein mountain in Austria
Almost at the top of Mount Traunstein

Landscape view of Traunsee Lake and tree covered in ice during Winter
Sunrise at the Traunsee Lake in Austria