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The Maldives – a fairytale island country found in South Asia in the Indian Ocean, Maldives are formed by 1.196 picturesque islets. So what to expect? Is it just an overrated island said to have the top beaches in the world or are the Maldives worth the money? Let me tell you one thing – I’m not the kind of person who enjoys warm weather. I love mountains, hiking, and adventure. But … I also love the Maldives.

Things You Should Know Before Planning a Trip to the Maldives

To be honest, I have to put my experience with the Maldives in the “Lazy Holiday” box, still, I was not bored at all. In fact, for the first time in my life, I had time to relax and finally felt satisfied. I felt like I was in the Blue Lagoon movie. The Maldives has surpassed everything I’ve dreamt of, and this happens, believe me, rarely.

I always thought the Maldives is just an overpriced vacation by the sea and that the Maldives has no added value – often due to incredibly high prices.

How wrong I was. If you fly to the Maldives out of the main season (go there May – December), you can get an all-inclusive week at the last minute for a price of around 1,300 euros (my case). And that’s not much for a holiday in the Maldives! No, it is not a classic seaside holiday. 

You probably won’t trust me until the moment the seaplane takes off! My God. Ocean dotted with hundreds of diamonds, and each of those diamonds is one small island forming whole Maldives country. Incredible wow effect!

Beach on Maldives during sunset in the Arabian Sea

The Maldivian Fairytale

The Maldives offer crystal clear azure sea, fine white sand that is literally everywhere (even in restaurants), so you never need to wear shoes. Accommodation perfectly matching with the tropical flora of the Maldives (bungalows built in the garden or on above the sea). Genuinely friendly people and perfect service. Sunrises and sunsets are unbelievably beautiful. Plus you have almost your own personal island. The Maldives is simply perfection.

What I would like to mention is a rich underwater life. I never really enjoyed snorkeling, but there was a 100% turnover. Swimming in the Maldives with the giant (and peaceful) sea turtles, watching corals, rays and fish of all kinds and colors. All comfortably just a few meters from the beach. In the Maldives, I felt like in another world. And no, Egypt really does not have a better underwater life! 🙂

What is the best time to visit Maldives

The only disadvantage when visiting the Maldives off-season might be occasional rain, which is actually very refreshing. However, if you check the weather forecast before departure (and before you pay a last-minute trip), there are virtually no unpleasant thunderstorms. So if you are not one who loves the heat, this time of the year has only advantages. The sea temperature is almost the same as in high season – on average 27 ° C! So as I said earlier, I’ recommend going to the Maldives between May and December. It’s cheaper and the weather is just fine.

Knight On Trip Sitting in a swing on sandy beach in maldives

Can I fly a drone in the Maldives?

Flying the drone is not allowed in the Maldives at all – because there is practically only private land. It is therefore recommended to always ask the hotel management/owner first. Or find a suitable and safe place, be careful … And don’t ask 🙂

Perfect Vacation Tips for the Maldives?

A potential disadvantage, better say a fact, is that in the Maldives is no place to travel. In short, you are on an island or at sea, and this is where it begins and ends. Sure, there are a variety of snobbish (but cool) experiences like dinner in an underwater restaurant and so on, but don’t expect more. Therefore, I would recommend to those of you who like traveling to visit the capital of Malé (or one of the non-tourist islets to get to know the local community). Besides the capital city of Malé, there is also the one and only airport in the Maldives. When you land here, you may feel a little adrenaline – the airfield is barely a few square meters large, haha! But back to the town of Malé – I must say that I have never experienced such a bizarre city.

Maldives - Long Beach at Sunrise

Stunning Capital City of Malé and a local fish market

The town of Malé is situated on an island of only 5.8 square kilometers with an average altitude only 2.4 meters above sea level. Nonetheless, around 130 000 people live here. And what does this number mean? It means that you won’t find here a centimeter of free space. Malé has a population density of 23,000 people per sq km. Only a few cities in the world have such population density. So you can try for a few hours what it is like to feel like a sardine in a tin can 🙂 And do not be afraid of local traders who will try to attract you to their shops. Fishing and tourists are practically the only sources of living. But I definitely recommend visiting the local fish market. You will be surprised when fishermen pull fish of almost human size out of the boat in front of your eyes – see the photo below:

Photography of two Tunas caught on Maldives near capital Malé

What to do in the Maldives:

  • Pay for an all-inclusive stay. Why? Anything you buy on-site is not wise because the imported food and water to the islands are really expensive.
  • Visit the Maldives out of the main tourist season. Usually, between May and December. The weather changes and so do the demand and prices!
  •  Get the last minute (but check the weather first).
  • Take your snorkeling stuff with you to enjoy the wonderful underwater life.
  • Visit the capital of Malé and its fishing market.
  • Some islands are famous for the frequent occurrence of giant water turtles (Kuredu Island).
  • Rent a sandy bike – driving on a bike through paradise is even better!

Google map of Maldives displaying points of interest

Holiday in Maldives Gallery through the photographer’s eyes​

more shots from Maldives

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