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So you are wondering what is the best bird watching locality in Norway. The incredible island Røst near Lofoten Islands might be the best spot to watch birds in Norway and maybe one of the best bird locality in the world. Well, maybe not the best one, but it was an incredible experience! 

Island Røst a real paradise near Lofoten Islands for bird watching

I watched one eagle attack a seagull. So desperate screams. The eagle always came down to the seagull and pecked him. The seagull tried to escape, but the eagle was faster. When it seemed too late, a cloud of seagulls rose into the sky. They screamed and scared away the eagle. They saved their friend.

Old fishing house by shore and the best bird watching in Norway at Røst island
Old Fishing House

Why should you visit the Lofoten Islands

More and more people visit Norway’s fairy tale part in the north – Lofoten Islands. Yes, it’s heaven on earth, that’s for sure. You won’t be able to find similar sceneries anywhere in the world (—> Lofoten Islands are an absolute paradise for photographers!). About my trip to Lofoten I wrote a whole article or to be more specific a whole Travel Guide to Lofoten Islands, so be sure to check it out! But what about the picturesque islets around like Island Røst? Have you heard about them? No? That is what I thought.


Røst a bird island I fell in love with

One such island that I fell in love with is the island of Røst. It is located about 80 km from the port of Moskenes (south of the Lofoten Islands). Only about 500 people live here.

Vikings! Medieval! Courage & Roughness! These thoughts came to my mind as I arrived on the island. And yes, it’s a bird island. Røst is one of the few and best bird-watching localities in Norway that is known worldwide. Do you like puffins? You can find here big puffin colonies. I have to admit that I have never been very excited about bird watching, but here I changed my mind!

The highest point of this flat island is only 11 meters! Yes, it’s a little contrast to the pointed mountains of Lofoten (Still, it offers fantastic views of the mountain peaks of the smaller islands around). The area of this island is only 10 square kilometers and the center of the island is the village of Røstlandet, dominated by a church that exceeded my expectations with its simplicity and beauty (see the picture below).

RØST CHURCH in Lofoten Island - Norway
Local Church in Bird Island Røst

But the island offers much more. Practically, the only source of livelihood here is fishing. And since Røst has also a rich history, you will witness amazing (well, and sometimes a little scary) scenery with very old fishing houses. Like from the movie Birds from Alfred Hitchcock.

The Røst Island is simply different from the most well-known sites in Norway. It’s more raw and authentic. If you are planning a trip to the Lofoten Islands, the 3-4 hours of a boat trip from the port of Moskenes is definitely worth it.

Note: The Norwegians’ high standard of living is a funny contrast to the authenticity of the island —> for example: Many local people use electric vehicles and robotic lawnmowers … 🙂


3 tips for visiting the Røst island:

—> If you plan to spend the night on the Røst island (I totally recommend you to do so), do not sleep in the tent. There is a strong wind most of the time and the island is absolutely flat. Try Voice Fishing Camping (it offers bungalows or accommodation in the main cottage where you will feel like at home).

—> The island can be walked all around in a few hours. Promise me you’ll do it (Especially because of the nature reserve located in the uninhabited part of the island…)!

—> public transport (includes ferry) app to download

—> Don’t forget to share your photos with me if you visit breathtaking Røst

How to get to the Røst island?

There are basically only 2 options. Either by ferry from the port of Moskenes or by ferry from Bodø, from where you generally sail to Lofoten Islands. See map below:

Google map of Rost island displaying points of interest
Ferry transport from Moskenes to Røst

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