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Hiking in Lofoten was one of the most rewarding hikes during my trips ever. Especially the breathtaking trail to the top of Reinebringen. I’m going to share with you my experience of hiking the Reinebringen and give you the best tips you will hopefully use for hiking anywhere in Norway. Because if there is a place on Lofoten that you should not miss, then it is the top of Reinebringen. Once you see that view with your own eyes, you won’t want to climb down…

Reinebringen offers a stunning view for Gods

Hiking the Reinebringen is not a piece of cake, but it is worth it. You won’t find a more beautiful view anywhere else in the world. No kidding. Reinebringen mountain rises sharply directly above a charming town – Reine. This small town, just like other villages in Lofoten, spreads on several smaller islands and is connected by several bridges. Reine village along with surrounding mountains, lakes and the Norwegian Sea, creates a landscape that you will never forget. On top of Reinebringen, you will have the unique chance to observe such beautiful scenery. Trust me – you will spend more hours appreciating all that beauty rather than hiking the Reinebringen.

Speaking of this place, I have to mention another picturesque village, which is located next to the village of Reine – the fishing village of Hamnøy. When you go to Reine, don’t miss this place. It stretches on one of the small islands and a more romantic (or photogenic) place you would hardly find…

A beautiful landscape view of Reine village and mountain range from top of Reinebringen mountain

 View from the top of Reinebringen mountain

An almost impossible trail to the Reinebringen 

Although Reinebringen is not too high mountain (448 m), it definitely isn’t a simple hike. The slope is very steep (as almost everywhere in Norway). But I have one good news for you – the trail has been renovated in recent years, so it’s much easier now! Just ascend the endless stairs up into the clouds ? Hike to Reinebringen gets even tougher when you forget to look at the weather forecast. And if there is an official temporary ban on hiking in Lofoten (due to weather conditions) – trust me it is for a good reason.

You probably know where I’m going by now – yes, that was exactly my case. When I visited the Lofoten Islands this summer, I was really unlucky. For the whole 2 weeks (almost without exception) the weather was so bad that the path to Reinebringen had to be closed. I almost had a heart attack when I heard it. So what can a typical Czech tourist do when there is a ban? Exactly – I ignored the ban, knowing I might be unable to reach the top of Reinebringen at all. I climbed up in strong wind, rain, and swam in the mud.

Luckily, the mission was accomplished. I stood at the top of Reinebringen with a stunning view of the Lofoten landscape. The Reinebringen hike didn’t even take 3 hours. Sweet! But you know what was the icing on the cake? I was there all alone! I could take pictures and make videos as I liked. It’s hard to explain how beautiful it was. The only thing I missed was a beer ?

I would add that there are more places on Reinebringen where you will have an indescribably magnificent view. The typical one where everyone is taking pictures is located at a height of 448 m, but the total peak is at a height of 666 m. Although a little further from the town of Reine, it will give you a perfect view in all directions. So if you have good weather, don’t be afraid to come up here!

Yet still, hiking in Reinebringen during bad weather might be really dangerous, so please mind your own safety at all times. 

Reinebringen hike in the clouds - alone on the top

 Hiking the Reinebringen mountain

Hiking tips for Lofoten:

—> Definitely plan your climb to the top of the mountain so that you can see sunrise/sunset (preferably midnight sun in summer). That means leaving Reine about 3 hours in advance. But seeing the Northern Lights from here will not be bad either!

—> Watch out for the wind (if you are wearing a raincoat, a strong wind blows you off the top of a mountain like a raspberry)

—> Public transport app to download

—> Take DSLR and drone with you!

—> Don’t miss a single place in Lofoten! Hike to a stunning Kvalvika beach or you can use some of my Lofoten Travel Guide tips –  it is worth it.

—> Reward yourself with a burger from a bistro in Reine Square – it is super delicious ?


How to get to the top of Reinebringen mountain?

The trail can be reached from the road that runs along the outer tunnel of Ramsvik. From this point, it is only about 1 km to the dreamy view of Reinebringen. It’s basically one long stair climb (about 60% of the trail), however, some sections are really dangerous to hike (mainly the end of the trail). Parking near the trail is possible.

Take the car or bus (really frequent) to Reine. It is just a few-minute drive (5 km) from Moskenes. Hike to the top of Reinebringen & more info – see map below:

Google map of guide for hiking in Reinebringen mountains displaying points of interest
Map to the top of Reinebringen mountain

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