• mobile_vs_camera

    Smartphones vs Cameras: Is PRO Camera Still Worth Buying in 2020

    I hear more and more often that a good smartphone is sufficient for photography. And you know what? For most people, it is true. But if you enjoy photography and want to develop your skills in this area, save money for a good camera instead of the latest camera phone. Because even in the following years, there is no way the smartphone will offer you what has the average camera - quality and the freedom to create. Let's see why!

  • Maldives - Long Beach at Sunrise - wide drone view

    5 serious reasons not to buy a drone

    As you may have noticed, drone photography is becoming standard today. A few years ago, almost no one had a drone, but today it is owned by almost every second of us. Certainly, many of you are playing with the idea that it is good or even necessary to buy one. Because of perspective; the uniqueness of aerial photos. Especially today, when the capabilities of these drones have reached a very high level. And at an affordable price. All of this seems at first glance to be an ideal toy for photographers. The problem is that this is not quite true. Let's talk a little about reality!

  • Sharpening guide for landscape photography

    9 Amazing Tips for Sharper Landscape Photos

    I never paid too much attention to the sharpness of the photos. I always thought that when I use a tripod, my problems are solved. However, this is not true at all. You have to realize that the sharpness of a photo can be very crucial in the final impression! Don't make the same mistake I made in my beginnings and don't underestimate sharpness. Let me share with you my experience of making super sharp photos!

  • Photography of Jan Klíma in the Lofoten Islands - Kvalvika Beach

    7 Best Outdoor Movies ?

    In addition to photography and traveling, movies have always been my passion. I especially loved those where nature and travel played a big role. A large number of films with this theme have been made over the years, but few of them are really worth it. And because most of us spend time at home in quarantine, it's time to remember some of these gorgeous movie gems. Are you looking forward to your next vacation? To breathtaking nature? To the beach and the azure sea or to the snow-capped mountains? I promise you will enjoy even more after watching these adventures!

  • Watching a squirrel on a tree - from my window

    5 Best Quarantine Tips for Photographers

    Are you bored? Do you stay at home and do not know what to do these days? Yes, Coronavirus has fundamentally affected our lives and our hobbies. But I have some great tips to look at if you feel the desire to photograph like me. Take advantage of the time and unusual opportunities this crazy time offers us!