• I'm sitting at the beach in the Maldives

    3 Best Social Media Sites for Photographers in 2020

    Do you love shooting as much as I do? Do you want as many people as possible to see the results of your work? New social networks are created every year. And finding the right one is not as easy as it may seem. Some of them then grow to giant proportions. But are these giants really the best choice for us? Here is my experience and top social media picks for photographers!

  • Half-in water half-out of water selfie during diving in sea

    7 Tips to Shoot Stunning Pictures With a Dome Port

    Half-in and half-out of the water. I'm sure you know such photos. A girl in a bikini that dives a few feet underwater like an innocent and beautiful mermaid. And above the water level sunshine and palm trees. Photos of this type have been spreading rapidly on social networks in recent years. And they have success. Similar to drone photos. It offers a new way of story telling, a new point of view. But ... How are these cool shots taken?