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Let’s start with my 4 favorite spots, which are right in Prague. Sure, you will find many more places with a stunning view of the historic center of Prague (e.g Old Town Hall tower, Bridge Tower at Charles Bridge and the list goes on), but these are the places where you will be crowded with an enormous number of tourists. And if you can’t enjoy the view in peace, it’s not worth it.

The other 4 viewpoints are located outside Prague, but close to it. These magical places offer the most beautiful views of the Czech landscape. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a car – they’re always easily accessible by public transport. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about a hike waiting for you. It is always just a few-minute walk from the bus stop. The only exception is the last view – Mount Říp.

8 Best Views in Prague and its surroundings – contents:

  1. Petrin Tower
  2. Prague Castle
  3. Vyšehrad
  4. Divoká Šárka
  5. Tetín Viewpoint
  6. Karlštejn Castle and Quarry Great America
  7. Lookout Máj
  8. Říp Mountain

Petrin Tower

Speaking of the view of the historical part of Prague, the absolute best is the Petrin lookout tower. It is located on the top of Petrin Mountain (327 m) right in the city center. This lookout tower was built in 1891 and is 60 m high. You need to walk 299 steps to get up. Yes, it’s a small Prague Eiffel Tower. The location is perfect. In addition to the view of the historical part of the city (Charles Bridge, the Vltava River, and the surrounding monuments), it also offers the best view of Prague Castle, which is located just a short walk from the lookout tower. In addition to the perfect view of Prague, you can walk among the Petrin Gardens (a popular place for lovers – especially in May due to the blossoming cherries), visit the mirror maze, or let the children on the playground. You simply can’t miss Mount Petrin – the cable car leads to the top, which is located a short distance from the Újezd tram stop (tram lines 12, 15, 22, 23, 97). See map. There is an entrance fee to the lookout tower (approx. $ 4 for an adult). Take a look at the photos from the lookout tower.

Prague Castle

The view from Prague Castle has great charm. The atmosphere of history breathes on you literally at every step. There are several places to enjoy the view (especially sunrises). I recommend most the view on the west side of Prague Castle – at the Matthias Gate. From there you can go down the castle stairs to Malostranské Square. It’s a beautiful walk. Another option is the view exactly on the opposite side – at the Black Tower. From here you can also go down the castle stairs to the Malostranská metro station. To get to Prague Castle, just take the tram to the Prague Castle stop (tram line 22). See map. And when you’re there, be sure to visit places like the Royal Garden, Golden Lane, or St. Vitus Cathedral.

Stunning view of Prague Old City during sunrise from Prague Castle
Sunrise vew from the eastern part of Prague Castle


Vyšehrad is a fortification with a beautiful park located just 3 km from Prague Castle, and still in the city center. One of the most popular places for walks in Prague, and for good reason. In addition to the unique historical environment, it offers a perfect view of the Vltava and the city as such. And in style directly from the walls. It’s hard to have a beer in a better place than right here. Sitting right by the walls in the sunshine, having a perfect view of the whole of Prague and drinking beer … Romance! It is actually a bit like the second Prague Castle. You can get here easily – it is a metro station Vyšehrad. From here it is only a few minutes walk. Take a look at the mapShots here.

Divoká Šárka

Why Divoká Šárka Nature Reserve? I have two main reasons. Firstly, this park is located very close to Václav Havel Airport and secondly, it is the most picturesque park in Prague. So, if you travel from/to the airport, it would be a pity not to visit this place. Yes, you will not see the historical center of Prague from here, but you will still have a more than great view. In addition, there is a real natural swimming pool, which I also recommend. If you decide not to visit this amazing place, you will definitely remember me when you see a huge rock, protruding from the valley to the heights, on your way to the airport. All you have to do is buy coffee at McDonald’s before entering the park, climb up (it only takes 10 minutes) and you’ll understand. There is also an airport bus and tram stop. Map and photos here.

Tetín Viewpoint

Tetín is one of the oldest villages in the Czech Republic. It is located only 20 km from Prague and has less than a thousand inhabitants. You can also get here comfortably by train (Beroun stop) or by bus (Tetín stop). It is a very pleasant and picturesque place where you will have similar feelings as when visiting its much bigger brother – the Český Krumlov. In addition to the ruins of Tetín Castle, just a few tens of meters from the square you will find a rocky outcrop that offers a dreamy view. Look at the map. View of the Berounka River, the beautiful landscape around, and also the train tracks that lead directly along the rocks. Fairytale.

Foggy morning sunrise in Tetin
Sunrise from the Tetín viewpoint

Karlštejn Castle and Quarry Great America

Yes, there are two main spots. The first viewpoint is just a short walk from the famous Karlštejn Castle, which I probably don’t have to introduce to you. It is a beautiful Gothic castle founded in 1348 by Charles IV – Holy Roman Emperor-elect, and King of Bohemia. The imperial coronation jewels and holy relics were kept here. One of the most famous places in the Czech Republic in general. You can enjoy the view of this impressive castle and the surrounding countryside from here. Sunsets are the most beautiful here. A train runs to Karlštějn from Prague every half hour and you can get to the castle from the train station in a few minutes. Map here.

Another attraction, located only 4 km away, is the quarry Great America. You can get here from Karlštejn both on foot (see here) and by car. This is a former limestone quarry, which is partly flooded (yes, people like to swim here, although it is forbidden). The size of the quarry is about 750 × 150 meters and the depth of the quarry up to 80 meters. However, there is a truly magical view from the top. Crystal clear water is a feast for the eye. Nearby are smaller but as beautiful quarries as the Mexico Quarry and the Little America Quarry.

Karlstejn sunset view
Sunset from the viewpoint at Karlstejn Castle

Lookout Máj

This rock lookout is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the whole Czech Republic. Lookout Máj offers an unforgettable view of the meander of the Vltava river in the shape of a horseshoe. You couldn’t wish for a more beautiful sunset. There are more similar views of the Vltava meander in the Czech Republic, but this one is by far the most beautiful. However, it is a popular place, so I recommend getting there early in the morning during sunrise when no one will be there. It’s already about 40 km from Prague, but it’s definitely worth it! This viewpoint is located just a ten-minute walk from the village of Teletín, where buses go regularly. Map to the lookout point here.

Sunrise from the viewpoint Maj
Sunrise from the viewpoint Maj

Říp Mountain

There is a famous legend connected to Mount Říp. It is said that the ancestor of Bohemia arrived at this place, looked around the landscape, and decided to settle there. It is a mountain of volcanic origin with a height of 455 meters. It may not seem like much, but the opposite is true. It is located in the central Bohemian flatland. Which means two things. First of all, the Czech ancestor couldn’t have chosen a better place, from which they would have a better view of the surrounding landscape. Secondly … This also applies to you. Mount Říp is also located more than 40 km from Prague, but if you want the most beautiful view of the real Czech landscape, it is right here. You can get here again by train or bus. From the stop, it is about an hour’s walk to the top of the mountain. See shots here.

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