Short Story of Knight On Trip

I’m an amateur photographer and traveler with a passion for writing. Knight On Trip story starts with my first DSLR – I didn’t have any special reason to buy it. I just wanted a new toy – I’m a guy, you know 😃. However, I started to enjoy photography so much that I added traveling. And traveling brought me all the way here. I wanted to share all the experiences of my journeys!

Now the situation is a bit different. Traveling and challenges come first, and taking photos (videos) from my trips is just the icing on the cake. Still, I love it very much! And this combination is what drives me forward.

I hope you will enjoy my travel blog, and I can promise I will try with all my heart.

Small Note:

Yeah and I also love movies. I use to write reviews back early. Therefore, I am a bit more critical, so please take all my views with ease 😊

Why alias Knight On Trip ?

Well, sometimes I go on a trip dressed as a knight. Yeah, I’m crazy.

(maybe) Fun-Facts

  • Czech guy (But I often feel like a woman, haha!)
  • 33 years old (Hopefully I will survive until 34…)
  • 184 cm, 86 kg
  • One daughter 🙂

I got featured by many big Instagram pages:

Landscape photography of road going through forest
Before a difficult hike in the Tatras Mountains (Rohace)

Interested in collaboration? Great! Feel free to contact me at this email address: [email protected].

I’m also on Instagram @knightontrip – you can DM me!

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