• Sunrise at Passo di Giau (Dolomites)

    4 best car accessible views in the Dolomites

    There are countless fabulous views in the Dolomites. However, these places I'm going to tell you are really the best and have one big advantage - no need to hike if you don't have the taste or time - yep, it's possible to drive to the top! In other words - a visit to these places is mandatory for everyone if you are going to visit the picturesque mountains in South Tyrol. Just look at the photos that speak for more than a thousand words!

  • Sunrise at Lago di Carezza

    The 6 most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites

    Nowhere else in the world have I seen so many scenic and colorful lakes together. The Dolomites are literally dotted with dozens of such glittering diamonds. So choosing the best ones for a trip is not an easy task. I spent almost 2 weeks this autumn in the Dolomites, traveling all day. I've become a bit of a lake hunter. And so I am already clear about which lakes you should definitely not miss if you decide to visit the legendary South Tyrol in Italy. So here you have it - my top six!

  • mobile_vs_camera

    Smartphones vs Cameras: Is PRO Camera Still Worth Buying in 2020

    I hear more and more often that a good smartphone is sufficient for photography. And you know what? For most people, it is true. But if you enjoy photography and want to develop your skills in this area, save money for a good camera instead of the latest camera phone. Because even in the following years, there is no way the smartphone will offer you what has the average camera - quality and the freedom to create. Let's see why!

  • Mala Osojnica viewpoint at Lake Bled (Slovenia)

    Bled ? – The Most Picturesque Lake in Europe That’s Worth the Visit!

    When I was planning holiday in Slovenia a few weeks ago, I had Lake Bled on the list of places I had to visit. However, I didn't really expect much from it. You know me - I don't like places crowded with tourists. And although the famous Lake Bled looks wonderful from the photos, I expected the opposite. In other words - I was looking forward to Lake Bohinj and the Soča Valley in the Triglav National Park, but Bled was only... necessity. Do you know how it turned out? I would move here immediately and live here!

  • Landscape photos from Appenzell in Switzerland

    The best hike in Switzerland? Seealpsee! ?️

    Would you like to go to picturesque Switzerland, but you don't know where? Look no further. Lake Seealpsee in the Appenzell region is a top choice for everyone. This area will take your breath away and in addition offers everything for all ages and natures. This landscape literally shot me to the moon with its beauty.